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Loft in Brooklyn by Alina Preciado by Dan Gitane

This industrial-eclectic loft is the home of designer and artist Alina Preciado and her two cats, situated in a 1800s industrial building in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The 2,000 square foot loft with one bedroom and one bathroom mixes old and new pieces together, with findings that Preciado has picked up from her travels to places like Japan, Spain, India and the Middle East. The designer imports handmade goods for her business, Dan Gitane. “Dar” is Arabic for “home” and “gitane” is French for “gypsy”, which sums up Preciado’s personality. The loft was originally a woodshop, which has divots and scratches on the flooring, which has been preserved for its history.

The loft features an incredible flow with an open and airy floor plan, huge windows and high ceilings that keeps the space well lit. The home also has a hammock which Preciado spends a lot of time on, as well as a trapeze bar, perfect for stretching. The living room was a vintage leather sofa from the 1960s, the leaning ladder was obtained from a warehouse. The living area also has a large wood-burning stove with a double-insulated chimney, which is in keeping with the industrial theme as well as providing plenty of warmth in the winter months. A neat tip that Preiado does with her stove is place citrus peels on top and left the smell permeate through the home.

Photography: Chris A. Dorsey

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Ancient Egyptian-inspired fashion designs


Ancient Egyptian-inspired fashion designs

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"Currents" & "and then I saw Colby on the Street and my fantasy died"

Cameron Stalheim 

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Hattie Newman is a London-based set designer and imagemaker whose work combines pure whimsicality with bold design and execution. She producing work for various clients including Royal Mail, Cadbury, Sony, Louis Vuitton, NSPCC, Honda, GAP, Conde Nast, GQ, The Times and The Guardian.


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our chemistry teachers are so punny


our chemistry teachers are so punny

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A little bit of abstraction <3


A little bit of abstraction <3

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Rob Woodcox (New York City) Stories Worth Telling, 2014

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Wang Ling, aka Wlop, is a digital artist who specializes in digital painting and illustration. From lifelike cityscapes to surreal fantasy portraits, his artworks are diverse in theme, yet recognizable in style. Wang Ling excludes the use of bright colors in the beginning stages of creation. He focuses rather on dark and light greys, and even more so on the planning of where he’ll introduce brighter colors as the work progresses. Light therefore plays an important role in the outcome of each of Wang Ling’s artworks; it draws attention towards distant focal points and allows for 3D perspective. Rough brushstrokes give his images a relaxed feel, even in the most impressive of settings such as at sea or amid busy city streets. Based out of China, Wang Ling’s artworks inspire an international audience as they are continually featured on blogs and used in tutorial reviews.

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Illustrations by Alexandra Petruk

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It must be such a satisfying feeling to design one of these and have them work exactly as you’d envisaged.

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There is no good and evil there is only power

this just this



There is no good and evil there is only power

this just this

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